Back on Track

  • nov 2019
  • 1191
GGzE Trainingen en Groepen

The 'Back on Track' training course focuses on the acquisition of skills and techniques for coping with psychological problems. In this course, the participants gain insight in the possible causes of their problems as well as tackling them via practicial exercises. In addition to the reader that you receive the group sessions will be aided with online modules on the 'Minddistrict' platform.

Some themes in the course are:

  • Capacity and burden
  • Helpful and unhelpful thoughts
  • Emotions; signalling and recognition
  • Experiencing Loss
  • Qualities and empowerment
  • Acceptance and commitment
  • Coping styles

This training course consists of 8 sessions, each 2.5 hour. The group sessions wil be in English

Consult with your practitioner to register by sending an email to